The Colour of Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day, that heart-shaped date in the diary promising cards, chocs and ruby red flowers. In our house it comes just after my second child’s birthday, so we’re usually chomping leftover cake and stepping on balloons and honestly, Valentine's Day has always seemed a bit cheesy to me. I much prefer the more recent invention of Galentine's Day. 

Anyway, we don’t wait for 14 Feb to splash a bit of red around. For us, red is an ever-present colour, not daubed over our walls but definitely dotted about the place in cushions and accessories, adding vital warmth during these oh-so-long winter months. And I always have a few bright flowers from the garden in my favourite vases: they’re such a lovely natural decoration whatever the date.

I’ve always thought red was a colour to be embraced: remember that it brings luck according to Chinese tradition, and here in the west it’s an energetic and vibrant colour signifying leadership and love. Also did you know that it’s an appetite stimulant? That’s why you’ll often find it in restaurants, dining rooms and kitchens. I really love to see it combined with natural, off-white fabrics.

Passionate maybe, but no way does red have to be too SHOUTY: you can save your crimsons for the kids’ bedroom and bring out the more adult burgundies and maroons for grown-up areas. A few red cushions chucked around can give living spaces a chilled-out, mellow vibe, and who doesn’t love a wine-coloured rug draped over a neutral wooden floor? Gorgeously rich, not to mention cosy underfoot.

Here’s hoping the power of red works for you this Valentine’s Day. As a one-off gift I’m offering a bundle deal on all my red cushions for my subscribers only. It will land in your inboxes on Friday so don't forget to sign up if you haven't already. 

Remember to subscribe to keep up to date with future offers. I promise not to over-email you and will only send you gorgeous cushion covers, napkins and make-up bags, not spam!

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