About me

I've always found it hard to commit to one style as so many different things are appealing to me!  One thing I always came back to when changing things around my house were cushions. They're such an easy, fast and affordable way to really change the way a room looks. 

My son has pretty bad asthma and getting rid of a lot of chemicals in our home has made a huge difference to his health.  So when I was thinking about making some home wares, how they were produced was one of the most important considerations.

Non-toxic, Japanese seaweed dyes are used to make my fabrics so they don't harm the people who work with them, the environment, or you when they make their way into your home. Fabrics are printed using a water filter and recycling system so pollutants are not released into the environment. And...all the packaging used to keep the cushions nice and dry are packaged in cassava based 'plastic' bags. The packaging decomposes in 3 months and are 100% plant based. Brilliant! 

I live in London with my husband, three children and three cats. People don't believe me when I say this because I'm quite loud,  but I'm really an introvert who loves nothing more than lying on the sofa with many cushions, a bar of chocolate, cup of tea and.....silence!