About me

I'm Kate and I'm the founder of Kitty Holmes. I live in London with three kids, three cats, one husband and at least 20 cushions. 

Small interior accents can completely change the room a way looks in a fast, affordable and low-commitment way. You don't have to repaint a wall, change your flooring or furniture to give your home a face lift. You can easily move cushions from room to room, house to house or even country to country so there is never an excuse for a bland room! 

I design my own collections from my home in London and they are produced in Bali in a small factory that adheres to Indonesia’s strict laws that are generally considered to be pro-employee. My son has had quite bad asthma in the past and getting rid of a lot of the chemicals in our home has made a huge difference to his health.  So, when I was thinking about making homewares, how they were produced was one of the most important considerations. Non-toxic, Japanese seaweed dyes are used to print my fabrics so they don't harm the planet, the people who work with them or the people who rest their heads on them at home (that's you!).  My designs are printed using a water filter and recycling system so pollutants are not released into the environment. And all the packaging used to keep the cushions nice and dry are packaged in cassava based 'plastic' bags which decomposes in three months and are 100% plant based. And I don’t use polyester or other synthetic fabrics - just lots of lovely natural fibres.

I love the life that colour and pattern can breathe into a home and each season I aim to bring a bit of that, in a small and not too scary way, into your home too. 

 So, be brave, invite some colour and pattern into your life and give your home some personality!