With Black Friday almost upon us, I’m not remotely shy in shouting out that I love a good bargain – who doesn’t?! If you’re anything like me you’ll have your finger poised above the keyboard, ready to get in first with all those essentials you’ve been keeping your eye on. 

Not to blow my own trumpet, but many of those goodies can be found right here on kittyholmes.com where, as the big hand clunks past midnight in the small hours of Friday, several brilliant offers will be up for grabs to those with an eye for a pretty cushion cover. 

If you’ve been following my page, as I dearly hope you have, you’ll know that when you make a purchase from Kitty Holmes it’s not just about gorgeous fabric, pattern and colour, but the great deal of thought that goes into how the items are made, in terms of workers and the environment, and it’s not just me who’s investing time and thought into the subject. 

Plenty of companies these days are prioritising eco-friendly production. If you ever wonder whether your favourite brand is in line with your ethical expectations, do a bit of digging to work out what’s behind the company you support. Be nosy! Look out for Fair Trade symbols, check the policy online, and if you’re still in doubt it’s perfectly fine to send an email asking: 

  • “Are the people making your products treated respectfully and well paid?” 
  • “What’s your company policy on production and waste in terms of the environment?” 
  • "Can you, where possible, remove plastic from your packaging?"
  • “What steps have you taken to create a sustainable work drive?” 

But back to Black Friday, now several minutes closer than when you first started reading this post. I can’t divulge the full exciting details, but I am ridiculously happy about the prospect of my upcoming bundle deals and scorchingly hot discounts that you really won’t find at any other time of year. 

If by some fluke you’re likely to get to the end of the week and forget this very special date, worry not: hit my subscriber button and I’ll send you an advance reminder, as well as future reminders for all my other brilliant sales and offers to come, so you never miss out again! I promise not to over-ping your in-tray and I’ll also make sure my subscribers get a little extra on Black Friday, perfect for pattern-happy tree gifts (or, let’s face it, just for you).

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