Double-Sided Quilts are here!

Our new double-sided quilts are finally here after quite a few months in development. Yippee!
Blue clover one side, pink wonky stripe on the other and bright green stitching - you choose the side to suit your mood.  They are a very generous 260cm x 215cm so easily fit a king bed but you can double them up for single beds. At Kitty Holmes HQ, we fold them and pop them on the sofa to keep muddy paws off our lighter coloured upholstery 
You loved the softness of our napkins so much that we used the very same fabric for our double-sided quilts to guarantee maximum comfort.
They're easy to take care of - washable on a cool, gentle cycle and perfect as an extra layer on your bed in cooler months or by themselves in the summer.  They're slightly heavier than a kantha quilts and have a layer of dacron filling for a bit of warmth and softness. 
We've made a limited run of these beautiful double-sided quilts so get yours now whilst you can! 

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